Retail therapy: what it’s REALLY like as a SoleSavy member

Retail therapy: what it’s REALLY like as a SoleSavy member | Vectored Soles

There’s been a lot of things said about the SoleSavy community, whether its about the way its run, to the founders, to the members. I myself have been a SoleSavy member since their second beta wave, and I’d like to try and clarify things as best as I can, since I believe that SoleSavy overall is a wonderful community to be a part of and that there should be some balance and clarification to all the misconceptions.


At its core, SoleSavy is a membership program that helps their members grab sneakers for retail price. They use various methods of doing this, such as insider knowledge within the sneaker industry, as well as monitors that provide notifications for the latest drops. While its not guaranteed that all members will be able to buy what they want (since thats impossible), the tools and services provided in the community prove to be a huge advantage for increasing the chances of retail purchases vs having to pay a higher markup on the resell market.


The idea behind reselling and who qualifies as a reseller can vary from person to person. When SoleSavy talks about ‘no resellers’ within their community, they’re referring to those who buy multiple sizes of a sneaker, and then sell it to others for resell price. That’s not what SoleSavy is for - the main idea behind SoleSavy is to help their members get the sneakers they want for retail price. That being said, not everyone is successful each drop, and there are sales and trades between members that use the resale price. That’s within reason - its not like we sell Off-White Chicago Jordan 1s to each other for retail price. For example, I sold Off-White 5s for resale price to ‘cushion’ the resale price of the Travis Scott SB’s that I paid for, yet I don’t consider myself a reseller.

SoleSavy staff


DP, Justin and the rest of the SoleSavy staff are hard workers. Whether its making sure the monitors are running properly, or providing their members with the most up to date release news, the SoleSavy team work diligently to make sure everyone is properly informed and have the best chance of picking up the shoes they want.

SoleSavy community


I think the word ‘community’ sums it up well. We’re a more like a family than a simple ‘cook group.’ The more you interact with people within the community, whether its discussing drops, talking about random topics, or even discussing a live Raps game, the closer you become with your fellow members. That being said, the SoleSavy team even host yearly events at various venues across Canada and the US that allow us to get together and put faces to names and grow closer as a community.

Yes, there will be times where misunderstandings and disagreements will occur. That’s bound to happen with any group of people - everyone is entitled to an opinion and its inevitable that people will rub each other the wrong way. The best that I can say about this is that things are handled maturely and properly so that the dynamic doesn’t get broken.

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Fear of God: Shoot Around (Black)

Pretty short topic here - yes, SoleSavy hosts contests/raffles/giveaways. It’s like a cherry on top of all the great things about the community. I’m honoured to say that I’m one of the lucky ones to win a SoleSavy contest. I won a free pair of Fear of God ‘Shoot Around’ in Black (which I haven’t worn yet because they’re just so nice).

Granted, there may be some things that other ‘cook groups’ have that could be considered better than SoleSavy. Regardless, SoleSavy is the top group to be in. If you haven’t already noticed, a huge reason I love this group is because of the community, not even the drops themselves (my wallet can only go so far LOL).

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If you’re considering joining SoleSavy, definitely do so. Join for the retail cops, stay for the community.

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Got any questions about Solesavy? Leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer them!

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