“Poor man’s _____”

“Poor man’s _____” | Vectored Soles

Today is July 11th, and the Jordan 1 “Light Smoke Grey” dropped at local retailers and Nike SNKRS. I remember when the first pictures of this pair popped up on social media - the first few comments were exactly what I imagined they would be: “poor man’s Unions 😂”

Admittedly, I have thought about this as well, not just for this pair but also for past and upcoming sneakers. After some thought, I do believe that it shouldn’t be a normalized term and I'm doing my best to remove it from my vocabulary. To me, the term devalues and strips away the identity of the sneaker, and is a shot towards the team that worked on the pair, as well as those who wear them.

Sure, it may look very similar to another pair, and while at times it may not seem like it, I believe that the teams worked hard to make the pairs they create unique in their own way, while still paying homage to said pair.

Sneakers have become increasingly difficult to purchase, especially for hyped pairs. Not everyone will be able to get what they want for retail, and the resale price can be too high for certain pairs. That being said, at times brands release pairs that are influenced by the hyped models, and these pairs are a tad more attainable. I think it’s a great move on the brands’ part to provide cheaper alternatives. People should be able to grab these sneakers without comments such as ‘poor mans’ - having certain sneakers doesn’t make you better than others.

I had a lot more to say about this, but I chose to remove it since I was trailing off. Anyways, congrats to those who copped a pair! Make sure to wear sneakers you like without worrying about what others think.

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