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I think it’s safe to say that the Travis Scott Jordan 1s are one of 2019’s most hyped sneaker releases. Everyone and their mom were gunning for this pair, and its caused so many waves in the sneaker community, both good and bad. The amount of replicas and 1:1s floating around the marketplace is extremely scary, as previously trusted sources such as StockX can’t seem to differentiate legitimate pairs from duplicates.

Like everyone, I did my fair share of raffles. I brought my girlfriend and her brother (actually pulled him out of school that one day lol) to 306 Yonge downtown to sign up for the Jordan store raffle. I went to the Livestock locations with friends to grab as many cards as I could. I entered all the Instagram raffles I saw in hopes of nabbing a pair.

Luckily enough, my girlfriend won a pair from 306 Yonge. She got a call, and called me right after, only to hear me freak out thinking she was 306. 😅 So on the Saturday of, we go downtown, pick up a pair, and come back so as to avoid all the lurking resellers asking me to sell my pair.

About 20 minutes after I pick up my pair, I get a message from a good friend of mine saying that he also won from Livestock. When I collected all those Livestock raffle cards from both Ronces and Spadina, I learned I had too many cards to account for, so I gave one extra one to him. Turns out, his was the winning ticket out of all of them. As usual, he and I were in shock and excitement, as he was as big a fan of Travis as I was. I actually think he’s still in shock he has them.

My girlfriend then brought up an interesting point: “wow, if you didn’t give that ticket to him, you could’ve won two.”

While that would have been a great situation, I replied: “I’d rather manage to cop one and let my friend win another, instead of win both and show off to everyone.”

The reason why I say this is because I know what its like to be on the other end of a win; I know that salty, hurtful, FOMO-induced frustration of an L, especially on a pair that you’ve been waiting and saving money for.

The sneaker industry has truly evolved from one having a collection, into one who has a business. People have begun to buy shoes with the sole (pun intended) purpose of reselling them at a higher price. It’s hard to hate on that, as it’s a viable method of earning money quite quickly.

It all loops back to the whole idea of supply and demand. When the demand is higher than the supply, the prices skyrocket. And the price has definitely skyrocketed for the Travis Scott 1s.

That’s why I was incredibly happy for my friend to have won a pair for retail, the same way I did. It’s a more gratifying feeling than any sort of profit could have brought from reselling, or ‘doubling up.’

Everybody eats. Also, sharing is caring. 😂

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